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Middleborough's own 911 memorial project
is now under way!

Middleborough VFC has committed to a project to build a small 911 memorial to Middleborough! We are now taking donation spacifically for this project online via credit card /paypal below. The picture below is an example of what we are planning but size of the area will depend on donations.

In the next few days we will have a Buy a brick program set up so you can put your family's name or just about anything you want on the brick.

If you are not interested in buying a brick, please donate here.

Middleborough Volunteers continue to work to improve Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the Essex area. Recently, we were able to replace our broken down ambulance with a new, Pierce/Ford/Med tec Ambulance with 4 wheel drive. Currently most of our members are trained to the EMT-B level. However, we do have some trained Paramedics and we will strive to better your level of care in future months.

Shortly after 12 noon on March 3rd, 2013, E231 was alerted as the Rapid Intervention Team engine on a 12-14 Fire Box. Middleborough E231 arrived side Charlie and found Engine 71 without a supply line. E231 laid a reverse supply line for Engine 71 to a hydrant. E231's crew pulled the back up handline for side Charlie. E222 arrived first and rescued the resident who was trapped inside. Fire was quickly knocked.
Photo Courtesy of M. Johnson

In the early morning hours of Feb. 2, 2013, E231 was alerted as 4th due engine for a 25-2 Building Fire. E231 arrived with E7 & E71 to find a 1 story towing company with heavy smoke conditions. E71's crew stretched a 2 1/2'' attack line as the crew from E231 stretched a 1 3/4'' attack line. Due to heavy smoke conditions and fire through the roof at this time, crews operated in a defensive mode. E231 supplied T221 in the event a ladder pipe would be used.
Other Units on Scene: E252, E12, E16, E241, T15, T8, S213, BC33, AU248, REH155

On 11/21/12, at around 8pm, E231 was alerted for fire box 23-3. E231 responded immediately with 4. E231 arrived with a 20x20 garage fully involved. The fire attack crew of E231 advanced two 1 3/4" to the garage and began exterior operations. The fire was quickly knocked down. Other units on scene: E7, E71, E252, E12 & T221

Middleborough Firefighters wore custom made pink Middleborough VFC T-Shirts
during October in support for breast cancer awareness month.

(above)On 11/5/2012, E231 was alerted for fire box 24-4. E231 responded immediately with 5. While en-route, dispatched advised of a possible basement fire. E231 was first on scene and Captain 23 assumed command. Engine 231's crew, alnong with one firefighter from 24, advanced a 1 3/4in attack line into the basement from the Bravo side. The fire was quickly knocked down and crews remained on scene for ventilation and overhaul. Units on scene: E231, E241, E7, E71, E16, E12, E222, T221, T15, BC32, SU259, REH155, M7, M58.

(above and below) October 28, 2012, at 2143hrs, the MVFC was alerted for a dwelling fire 2 blocks from station 23. E231 and SU235 were first on scene to find a single family dwelling with light smoke from the first floor. SU235 (Chief 23) had command and advised heavy smoke inside. The crew off of E231 made entry with a 1 3/4in line. The attack crew found no fire on the first floor and then began to make entry into the
basement. Once in the basement, the attack crew advised command it was a basement fire and made an attack. E241 (Rockaway Beach Vol. Fire Co.) had pulled the back up line, went to the rear and made entry to the basement from the back. Only one line was needed. Great Job to all crews on the working basement fire.
Other units on scene. E7, E71, E252, T221, S523, BC3, AU248, REH155.

July 14th, 2012, E231 responded on the second alarm at Ft Howard, Edgemere, for a large abandoned water front dwelling on the hospital property. They were on location for aprox 3 hours. Water problems encountered by the first in units, contributed to "significant" heat damage to BCoFD Engine 57.

July 2, 2012, Engine 231 responded to the 7-15 working fire box. 1 injury was reported.

In the early afternoon of March 26, 2012, Middleborough VFC's Engine 231 and Special Unit 235 responded with other units to a dwelling fire on Dorsey Ave near Taylor Ave, in Essex. The fire was quickly extinguished and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

At 23:08 hrs, Box 7-3 was alerted for the dwelling fire in an end of group town home in the 300 block of Candry Ter in Essex. Engine 71 arrived at location with fire showing from the 2nd floor. It was reported that all residents were out of the home... Middleborough VFC's Engine 231 was added by fire dispatch on the first alarm assignment and assisted with water supply to Essex Engine 7, that was assigned to the rear. The incident was upgraded to working fire.

CBS news
Just before 3 p.m. on Friday, February 24th, Middleborough's Engine 231 responded on the second alarm of a fast moving fire at Wynbrook Road, near 54th street in the Colgate area. The fire appeared to originate in an end of group row home and moved quickly, causing damage to at least two other row homes before crews brought the fire under control.

On 01/18/2012 @ 18:20 hrs Box 22-4 was alerted for a report of a dwelling fire. Engine 223 (Middle River Fire Company) arrived at location and found a 1 story single family dwelling with fire showing. A working fire was dispatched bringing E231 (Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company)and other units. Engine 231 crew was assigned as the Rapid Intervention Team and then later assisted Co 22 with overhaul and checking for any extension. Units on scene Co.22 ( Middle River Fire Company), Engine 12 ( Middle river Career), Co 21 ( Bowleys Quarters Fire & Rescue Co), Engine 7 & 71 ( Essex Career), Squad 523 ( Middle River Rescue), Air Guard Fire Department, Rehab 155, Air Unit, EMS 4 and Medic 12.

On the evening of Dec 20, 2011, Engine 231 and SU 235 responded to two suspicious fires with-in a few minutes of each other. The first was a brush fire at RT702 and Homberg Ave. The second was a large trash pile and a wooden fence a blaze on Holgate Dr. near the foot bridge.

Military Member Update Military Member Update
Evan Page was deployed to Iraq in June 2009 until Feb. 2010 and then re-deployed to Afghanistan in March 2011 until August 2011.

Evan has earned the Navy and USMC achievement medal - Given by the Under Secretary of Defense while in Afghanistan. Evan has also received
-3 certificates of appreciation from the shock trauma platoon / Med vac crew and the 2ND MLG (Marine Logistics Group) Brigadier General
-1 letter of appreciation from 1/12A artillery
-Evan was Promoted to Combat Meritorious to Sergeant

Evan has returned to Maryland 11/2011 and is now stationed at Indian Head.

The Members of the Middleborough VFC welcome Evan back and are grateful that he has returned safely. We look forward to having him back as a firefighter at the Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company.

On 11/ 6 / 11 E231 was alerted for the 2Nd alarm of fire at 7444 Holabird Avenue at DiDi's Pizza around 12:30 pm. E61 was first to arrived with heavy fire showing from side "A" and requested a second alarm and minutes later a third alarm. Fire extended to the second floor and burnt a large hole through the floor. E231 crew assisted with checking for any extension and some minor overhaul. The fire was ruled accidental and was caused by combustibles too close to the stove. Photo by Denise Beahm-Langkam

On 8/24/2011 at about 12:16 p.m companies were alerted for a report of a dwelling fire in the 8500 block of Kavanagh Road Box 27-3. First arriving unit reported fire showing and requested a working fire assignment. Engine 231 transferred to station 7 (Essex) and was later put on the assignment for man power. Two firefighters were sent to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center with minor injuries and later released. photo by John Roche

Two Past Chiefs of the Middleborough VFC traveled to New York City to pick up and deliver two (2) pieces of steel from the world trade center that was destroyed in the 911 attacks. The steel will meet it's final resting site, in a memorial, to be constructed on the property of the fire house in the near future.

3/25/2011 Engine 231 was alerted for a two-alarm house fire at 7609 Carson Ave. in Eastview. E15 arrived and found a two story single family dwelling fully envolved and requested a second alarm. Engine 231 crew assisted in checking for hot spots and helped with overhall. Fire was ruled accidental by the Baltimore County Fire Department and caused about $250,000 in damages. No one was injured, how ever several animales
being cared for at the residence were killed in the fire. Photo by Brenda Harris

Mission Statement

The Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company Inc. shall strive for excellence in the performance of our duties and in the service we provide to all citizens, every day. We shall be an organization of men and women who hold devotion to duty above personal risk and count sincerity of service above personal convenience. We shall strive increasingly to recruit members and retain members. We shall strive to raise the funds needed to operate the organization and purchase the best tools needed to accomplish our mission. We will respond to emergencies in a professional and courteous manner. Through education, prevention, training, and suppression, we shall continue to find better ways of protecting the lives and property of our fellow citizens from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and exposure to dangerous conditions created either by nature or man. Ethical values will remain the core of every decision made by each member of our Organization.